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Cleanse Day – P.S. FYI Sorry not Sorry.

What is the Cleanse Day? 

Four Cleanse drinks, 4 oz Cleanse Liquid to 8 oz of water. No time period of which to complete the drinks, but I’m assuming sooner than later.

My feelings before the day begins: 

  • “Oh, it’s cleanse day”
  • “I don’t get to eat anything today”
  • “I wish I had more of the snacks”
  • “Maybe I should just have breakfast…”

I’m going to finish the 1/2 of the Jimmy Dean Croissant that my S.O. didn’t eat.

How does it taste? 

A co-worker asked, “does it taste like tea?” The drink mixed with water did look like tea, I said, “NOPE not even close.”

My feelings at the end of the day: 

  • “I’m not that hungry after all”
  • “I didn’t even eat the Whey thins”
  • “I know I didn’t miss food, but man I missed food”

I am actually hungry now that I am at home. My most recent cleanse was at 2p.m. I don’t cleanse again until 6 p.m. and even now, I don’t really want another Cleanse drink. It’s not a very good cleanse drink if you really don’t want to drink the last one. But I’ll take one for the team, MY TEAM and drink the last one.

UPDATE: I am drinking my LAST cleanse of the day, I don’t know how I’m going to finish it without wanting to upchuck. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s all I’ve had all day… Again see the P.S. and the F.Y.I. below.

P.S. I’ll probably throw some solid food in there to be honest. If I don’t then I will be snacking late at night when the cleanse’s effect is gone.

F.Y.I. I do want to be true to the cleanse, but if I don’t eat some food now, I would eat after 9 p.m. and THAT IS bad if you want to lose weight.

Sorry not Sorry.

What’s good for me, might not be good for you, and THAT IS okay!

“All in all the cleanse day was good, and I lived. “

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