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Cleanse Day- Not a Retraction, a Reflection

This post is a not a retraction, this post is a reflection on my Cleanse Day that was completed yesterday. I realized after writing the “Cleanse Day – P.S. FYI Sorry not Sorry” I was over emotional with my feelings about the cleanse day.

You see I was “hangry”, a phrase that means both angry and hungry, it is what happens when I don’t eat ALL day. It is also important to note that I am a runner and as a runner it is important to have a certain amount solid food, in my body for a run.

Since I run in Shamrock 4 Miler on Saturday so it is important for me to fuel my body. I decided after my fourth Cleanse on Cleanse Day because I wanted to ensure that I have what I need in my body for the run on Saturday.

I did NOT give up on my Cleanse Day, I made the choice to eat so I can run. I also was worried about late night snacking, as I usually snack late even when I’m not Cleansing, or doing a Shake Day. I also ended up snacking a lot on Cleanse Day eve so I am happy I decided to put some food in my mouth, or I think I could have eaten more snacks late into the night.

Maybe next Cleanse Day I will do a true Cleanse Day, maybe the Cleanse Day drink will taste better the second time around.

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