“Love Yourself, Don’t Loose Yourself in Love”

“Love Yourself, Don’t Lose Yourself in Love” ~ BeeDapper

Love yourself, check!

Okay not 24/7, but it’s a start, I mean who doesn’t have things that they want to change about themselves, or at least improve upon themselves. Personally, I think that one can always improve themselves in some way shape or form.

Love yourself, what makes you, you? check!

I love writing, poetry, short stories, and novels. I love crafts including, but not limited to, (see what I did there?) knitting, sewing, crocheting, painting, sketching, movie editing, photography, cartoons etc.

Love yourself, your uniqueness, even if it’s not always appreciated, check!

Although, I love my uniqueness, I’m adopted from India, but I wasn’t raised by an Indian family. Even though I wasn’t raised by Indian parents I was fortunate enough to have parents that wanted me to learn about my heritage.

Leading by example my parents, enrolled our family in a weekly trip in the summer. The trip, spice camp, included myself and other children adopted from India, and taught us about our Indian heritage. My parents were being diligent and cared enough, going to extra mile to make sure that I knew where I came from.

Oh yeah, it may not always be appreciated, but really, do you want to be around people who don’t appreciate your uniqueness? I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I try my best to surround myself with others who enjoy my company, and that I enjoy their company.

Love Yourself, Don’t Lose Yourself in Love, check!

When you love someone make sure that they love all sides of you, even the sides that aren’t pretty. Don’t get caught up in the idea of the relationship that you being to sugar coat every experience instead of being realistic, especially if you want it to be long-term, don’t sugar coat be realistic, don’t lose yourself in love.

If the relationship goes through a rough patch, you and your partner will either a) come out better and stronger or b) breakdown. If the relationship breaks due to that rough patch then maybe, as difficult as that may be to realize, that it wasn’t meant to be.

If the relationship is real, in my opinion, you are not afraid to say what’s on your mind and hope that your partner is willing to hear you out. Being a female, and always hearing, the woman is always correct, I like to remind people that no matter what, remember,

“you are not always right, and I am not always wrong”

Love yourself, enough to communicate with your partner. check!

The biggest thing to ensure that you don’t lose yourself in love, is communicating.

Be an active communicator. Communicate your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your moods, your emotions, you anything and everything, do your best to be an open book to that person. THEY CANNOT READ YOUR MIND!!!

Listen, no not just nodding and going with the flow, aim to be an active listener. Listen to what the other person has to say. Do they want you to be supportive, do they want your advice, or do they just need someone who will listen to vent to and that no opinion is needed.

“Love Yourself, Don’t Lose Yourself in Love” ~ BeeDapper

NOBODY’S perfect, I’m certainly far from perfect, but nobody should be asking you to be perfect. Loving someone and accepting someone completely means loving them in spite of their imperfections, wanting to support them, grow with them, improve yourselves both as individuals and together as a couple.

No matter what remember, Love is out there and you usually find it if you stop looking.

~There are many different types of love, but that story is for another time… 


“Live your dreams, don’t allow your dreams to live inside of you”

“Live your dreams, don’t allow your dreams to live inside of you” ~ Beth Dapper

In order to live MY dreams I have created this blog, The Diaries of a Dreamer, in which I intend to journal about my journey towards my dreams. Once this first blog post is posted, I can officially say that I’ve taken the first step towards my dream of starting and having a blog.

The Diaries of a Dreamer blog will chronicle the journeys that I take towards various dreams of mine. This won’t be a sugar-coated, idealistic version of how I work to achieve my dreams. Instead The Diaries of a Dreamer will contain the raw emotional experiences, of my internal and external struggles, the challenges and/or obstacles that I face, and of course will ALWAYS include the positive affirmations that remind me not to give up just because the journey is difficult.

On that raw emotional note, I know that keeping up with a blog can be difficult, I have tried to blog three times before this one. The things that held me back from publishing and publicly sharing my blog are listed below:


  • I wasn’t ready,
  • What if no one likes what I write about?
  • I can’t spell, and my grammar skills…


I realized though, I have so much I want to talk about, so many thoughts I want to share, I want to make a difference in the world, I don’t know what that difference will be, but even if all I do is start this blog, and keep up with it, (that’s the key isn’t it ) then I can say I’ve accomplished one of the many dreams I have for myself.

Join me on my quest to follow my dreams, maybe I’ll inspire you to follow yours!


Shamrock 4 Miler

This is a picture before the race, this is the first race I get to run with my S.O. I was super excited!

This is a picture before the race, this is the first race I get to run with my TheMash I was super excited! My TheMash didn’t think that he was going to be able to run the race, he said “I am so out of shape, this should be great babe.” However, he surprised himself! ThesMash was able to run the race in 46 Minutes and 44 seconds! Faster than me!

So, now that I’ve done my bragging like a good S.O. does, it’s time to discuss me. That doesn’t sound bad at all… haha… Any way.

I started the race with a few goals in mind:

  • Run the 1st Mile
  • Run at a slower pace
  • Run the last Mile

I started running, slow pace. I was quickly becoming further and further behind in the pack, which honestly didn’t bug me. I was focused on doing me. I wasn’t racing against anyone else, I was racing against myself.

What became a little more upsetting while running the first mile was the fact that TheMash who thought he wasn’t going to be good at running, was ahead of me. It wasn’t a large distance at first but slowly that distance grew. He turned around jogged in place, then looked at me and I waved him on. The longer the distance between myself and TheMash the more upset I grew.

The thing that changed my emotions at this moment was hitting the 1 mile marker and I HAVEN’T WALKED ONCE!

Check ☑ first goal achieved! “Run the 1st Mile

I started to forget that I couldn’t see TheMash anymore and started to focus on running the next mile. Still at a slow pace I ran.

Check ☑ Mile Number 2 COMPLETED!

The realization that I had completed the second miler WITHOUT STOPPING or WALKING, was amazing. I said to myself, “If I ran halfway I can run the other half!” 

I though of it like the blonde joke, (or whichever color hair you want it to be) a blonde is stranded on an island, she swims halfway to the beach, gets tired and swims halfway back to land.

To me, I thought that if I could run 2 of the 4 miles I could run the last 2 miles. Just then my ear buds started to ring. I picked up it was TheMash,

TheMash, “How are you doing?’


TheMash, “I was checking on you…”


Didn’t talk to him until the end of the race after that phone call. haha.

The most important mile marker! 

The third and final mile marker was the mile marker I needed to see most at this point in the race. I was tired and doing my best to keep up the continuous running at a slow pace and seeing the third mile marker was so exciting. I knew that the next mile marker wouldn’t be a mile marker it would be a finish line!

The last mile was the mile where I talked to myself, “You’re almost there, it’s gonna be okay. Keep going!” Finally, I saw the finish line, then I decided I would sprint to the finish line.

When I began my sprint I felt the most adrenaline I had ever felt surged through my body. Suddenly I wasn’t tired and I was running faster than I think I’ve ever run before, it was exhilarating. I finished!

Check ☑ Race Finished! “55 Minutes 22 Seconds

At the finish line with one of my biggest supporters! 

If you’re still here and have read all of this, I applaud you and thank you!


The BeeDapper Way to Weight Loss

It has come to my attention that I have needs, those needs being food. F-O-O-D. Food. I cannot be without it or else I become irritable, angry, hungry, and hangry. I believe that this is no way to live my life, so I have decided to restart the Isa program with a BeeDapper spin.

During the week when I am working 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and thus have no time to snack I will use the system. I will also be utilizing the app, MyFitness Pal to count calories. This way I can use the system as well as eat food but stay within the 1,200 calories needed in order to loose weight.

This decision was made with health in mind, mental and physical. Physical, I am a runner, I have a huge run in April to prepare for. Mental, irritability, and hangriness. This was also a decision made because I can say HELLO WEEKEND!


All bets are off during the weekend means, that I don’t count calories as carefully, I don’t have shakes on the weekends, and mostly I don’t stress about what foods I eat. My plan is that in the long run I will feel better about eating less and want the same weight loss results that I find during the week, rub off on me during the weekend. Not only do I think that the weight loss results are important, but the mentality of not overly consuming food will slowly change over time.

It is important to think of your health in the long term not just the short term. Thus, dieting per say isn’t necessarily the best option for some. My goal is to reset my body and mind to be more healthy.

Bullets from this post:

  • I have needs, those needs being food. F-O-O-D. Food.
  • I have decided to restart the Isa program with a BeeDapper spin.
  • This decision was made with health in mind, mental and physical.
  • All bets are off during the weekend means
    • I don’t count calories as carefully
    • I don’t have shakes on the weekends
    • I don’t stress about what foods I eat
  • It is important to think of your health in the long term not just the short term.
  • My goal is to reset my body and mind to be more healthy




The Day after Cleanse Day

As I try and go to sleep to get ready to run tomorrow morning, I reflect on “The Day after Cleanse Day”

I have decided that I LOVE Shake days, I can handle shake days… However, I really like Shake Days after Cleanse Day. Why you may ask… It’s like this, you don’t eat ALL day and you’re a foodie.

Foodie – Person who loves food

After a day of fasting I eat, or rather Shake. This time though instead of water or milk in my Shake, my co-worker said she would add Almond Milk. Guess what I had in the back of my FRIDGEEEEEE!?!? *Singing voice*


OH YEAHHHH! *red cool aid man voice*

Not much to report this afternoon. Race day tomorrow. Night All.

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Cleanse Day- Not a Retraction, a Reflection

This post is a not a retraction, this post is a reflection on my Cleanse Day that was completed yesterday. I realized after writing the “Cleanse Day – P.S. FYI Sorry not Sorry” I was over emotional with my feelings about the cleanse day.

You see I was “hangry”, a phrase that means both angry and hungry, it is what happens when I don’t eat ALL day. It is also important to note that I am a runner and as a runner it is important to have a certain amount solid food, in my body for a run.

Since I run in Shamrock 4 Miler on Saturday so it is important for me to fuel my body. I decided after my fourth Cleanse on Cleanse Day because I wanted to ensure that I have what I need in my body for the run on Saturday.

I did NOT give up on my Cleanse Day, I made the choice to eat so I can run. I also was worried about late night snacking, as I usually snack late even when I’m not Cleansing, or doing a Shake Day. I also ended up snacking a lot on Cleanse Day eve so I am happy I decided to put some food in my mouth, or I think I could have eaten more snacks late into the night.

Maybe next Cleanse Day I will do a true Cleanse Day, maybe the Cleanse Day drink will taste better the second time around.

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Cleanse Day – P.S. FYI Sorry not Sorry.

What is the Cleanse Day? 

Four Cleanse drinks, 4 oz Cleanse Liquid to 8 oz of water. No time period of which to complete the drinks, but I’m assuming sooner than later.

My feelings before the day begins: 

  • “Oh, it’s cleanse day”
  • “I don’t get to eat anything today”
  • “I wish I had more of the snacks”
  • “Maybe I should just have breakfast…”

I’m going to finish the 1/2 of the Jimmy Dean Croissant that my S.O. didn’t eat.

How does it taste? 

A co-worker asked, “does it taste like tea?” The drink mixed with water did look like tea, I said, “NOPE not even close.”

My feelings at the end of the day: 

  • “I’m not that hungry after all”
  • “I didn’t even eat the Whey thins”
  • “I know I didn’t miss food, but man I missed food”

I am actually hungry now that I am at home. My most recent cleanse was at 2p.m. I don’t cleanse again until 6 p.m. and even now, I don’t really want another Cleanse drink. It’s not a very good cleanse drink if you really don’t want to drink the last one. But I’ll take one for the team, MY TEAM and drink the last one.

UPDATE: I am drinking my LAST cleanse of the day, I don’t know how I’m going to finish it without wanting to upchuck. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s all I’ve had all day… Again see the P.S. and the F.Y.I. below.

P.S. I’ll probably throw some solid food in there to be honest. If I don’t then I will be snacking late at night when the cleanse’s effect is gone.

F.Y.I. I do want to be true to the cleanse, but if I don’t eat some food now, I would eat after 9 p.m. and THAT IS bad if you want to lose weight.

Sorry not Sorry.

What’s good for me, might not be good for you, and THAT IS okay!

“All in all the cleanse day was good, and I lived. “
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The Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler

Before blissfully unaware of the pain to come
Before, blissfully unaware of the pain to come.

The picture above is of me, blissfully unaware of the pain to come, as I jokingly say. The reason I decided to run the Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler was to see where how far I had come in terms of training for Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon. Personally, I am not running the Marathon, I am running the 1/2 Marathon or 13.1094 miles, for myself.

The Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler is 3 miles less than a 1/2 Marathon, so the using this as a mile stone for where I am supposed to be for the Blue Ridge 1/2 Marathon was very pleasing.

In the beginning of the race it began to rain, but I had on a tang-top and the black running sweatshirt, so rain or no rain I was running. Excited to start I wanted to set a pace for myself and began slowly.

I ran the first mile, and I was planning to run the last mile, as is my goal for the Brave Heart 5K. However, by mile 6 of the 10 miler I was beat. I was giving it my all and still I was tired.

I tried to walk fast, and even then I was struggling. It became more and more apparent that I was going to be the last person finishing this race. Everyone I saw was lapping me, and then the bicyclist was behind me.

When the bicyclist is behind you that means you’re the last person. At first I was upset, so I asked some volunteers to have him not follow me so close as it was making me nervous. Later I asked him to bike beside me because I still had 3 miles ahead of me and it was getting lonely on the run.

We talked and he became my personal running coach, he talked a lot but it was nice to have a person to talk to, I had been alone for over an hour of my run. Once we were in sight of the finish line he dropped off his bike and asked me to run with him to the end. I wasn’t ready I did my best and my time was.

2 hours 37 minutes and 29 seconds


Very Aware
After, I am very aware of my pain and can’t feel my legs or feet. I made it and I have my medal.

I ran it for the medal, I ran it for the satisfaction, I ran it to see where I stood for the Foot Levelers for April, I ran it and finished it, tired and numb but I succeeded and I plan to do the same in April.

The Feature Image was found on the Run About Sports Facebook Page. The Photographer is amazing, and according to the comments his name is Jon Fleming he did amazing thank you! 10 Miler on February 11th 2018.



Isagenix Intro to 30 – Day Weight Loss Plan


Day 1 on Isagenix, Weight Loss Value PAK

First off, Isagenix will from here on out I will refer to as Isa. Second, yes, pack when discussing Isa is spelled like PAK. Third, let’s discuss day one of me being on the Isa Weight Loss Value PAK.

Day 1 on ISA includes ~

1 oz, or 1 shot glass of Ionix® Supreme

This is ounce of Ionix® Supreme wasn’t difficult, the taste was palpable.

1  IsaLean® Shake in the Morning

The IsaLean® Shake  is meant to be a healthy meal replacement, wasn’t my favorite when I first tried it. The idea is to mix one scoop of powder with 8 ounces of water and ice and play with the ratio until you find a consistency you like. I didn’t like only adding water to the shake, again it made the shake taste horrible, so I decided to add milk. I must say that I prefer the milk.

1 Mid- Morning Snack (Whey Thins™, OR IsaLean™ Bars)

The Mid-Morning Snack, Whey Thins™, OR IsaLean™ Bars, is meant to be eaten between your breakfast IsaLean® Shake and your lunch IsaLean® Shake. This wasn’t too difficult I chose  Barbecue Whey Thins™. 

1  IsaLean® Shake in the for Lunch

Again the IsaLean® Shake  is meant to be a healthy meal replacement, I brought a serving of the scoop mix with me to work and bought two little containers of milk, I work in a school system, to add to make my lunch shake. I will say that I had a small portion of homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, but the IsaLean® Shake would have gotten me through from lunch until my… Mid- Afternoon Snack

1 Mid-Afternoon Snack ((Whey Thins™, OR IsaLean™ Bars)

The Mid-Morning Snack, Whey Thins™, OR IsaLean™ Bars, is meant to be eaten between your lunch IsaLean® Shake and your  Made by YOU for YOU dinner. Again I chose Barbecue Whey Thins™.

1 Dinner, Made by YOU for YOU

The Dinner, Made by YOU for YOU is just that, making dinner eating solid food as your meal before bed.

Bullets with Flavors of  IsaLean® Shakes, IsaLean™ Bars & Whey Thins™

  • 1 oz, or 1 shot glass of Ionix® Supreme
  • 2 IsaLean® Shakes
    • Flavors include
      • Creamy Dutch Chocolate
      • Creamy French Vanilla
      • Dairy-Free Natural Berry Harvest
      • Dairy-Free Rich Chocolate
      • Dairy-Free Vanilla Chai
      • Kosher Natural Creamy Vanilla
      • Strawberry Cream
  • 2 Two Snacks
    •  Whey Thins™
      • Flavors include
        • Barbecue
        • Sour Cream & Chive
        • White Cheddar
    • IsaLean™ Bars
      • Flavors include
        • Chocolate Cream Crisp
        • Chocolate Decadence
        • Chocolate Peanut Crunch (My personal FAV & what hooked me on
        • Lemon Passion Crunch
        • Natural Oatmeal Raisin


Grad School Mission

Grad School Mission

For those of you who don’t know, I was accepted into Radford University’s College of Graduate Studies and Research graduate program in Special Education. I am pursuing a degree in Deaf and hard of hearing Special Education.

I began my first college course after graduating two years ago this summer. I was able to juggle summer fun and school, and I am very proud of myself. Nothing wrong with a little self-love.

The Double Edged Sword of Summer

Summertime, college course, summertime, grad school, summertime, fun time?

The Double Edged Sword of Summer, having my first Graduate School course in the summer, a blessing, even if I didn’t always see it as one. Summertime this year was slated to be a time to nose dive into the textbooks and get back into the swing of being a student, a role which I hadn’t played in two years. *No acting classes were required to prepare for this role*

The course, Students with Diverse Learning Needs and the Special Education Process, was online, the information was a mix of new information and a refresher to previous information, but all was invaluable to my career.

Story of My Grad School Summer Mission – Short & Sweet 

I was so excited to be a student again, I really shined as a student whether it was in college of in grade school. I was gung-ho about the entire process I would get everything done super early and end up not having to worry or stress over deadlines. In the beginning that was the case, I finished work for the first week and a half or so a week early. This early bird catches the worm spirit slowed down as the weeks progressed and as my summer activities expanded.

The Fourth of July was just around the corner and I had finally found a schedule that worked for me, and helped me turn in my course work on time. I worked to complete the original post for chapter discussions, due on Thursdays, earlier in the week after reading the corresponding chapter(s). On Thursdays, I would turn in the original discussion post and start working on that weeks module answer sheet, due on Saturdays. Finally on Saturdays I would complete and turn in the module answer sheet for that week and complete the reply post for the corresponding chapter(s).

This system allowed me to have fun over the Fourth of July with friends who had come in from out-of-town. 

The week of July Fourth we also had our Legal Case Analysis Paper due, on July 6th. I had completed a majority of my paper, then a curve ball, I found additional resources that gave me more information that I needed for the paper. Thus, I spent seven and a half hours in the library, mostly on reorganizing the paper and adding new information and trying to get ahead for the following week.


Long story short… 

Knowing that whoever may be reading this doesn’t need a full on play by-play I’ll give you the cliff notes.

I finished my completed all my coursework on time and with, in my opinion, a great quality of work. It was difficult at times, but I thank the family and friends who supported me throughout this course I have successfully finished my first Graduate Level Course!

Things to Remember

*Get into a routine for completing and turning in your assignments*

*Get ahead of your assignments*

*Balance school work with summer fun (Social/Extracurricular Activities & Work)*

“Make sure you see the long-term goal & not the short-term gratification” ~Know your priorities~


Confidence & Me (We)

The Mirror or Your Man

“The Mirror or Your Man…” or should I say, “your man, your friends, and your family?”

Who are you going to believe the mirror a photograph or the eyes of the man who thinks you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet?

This quote the first time I saw it hit me hard, and has pulled me back to a better place each time I read it. I am not thin, but I’m also not obese, let’s say I’m somewhere in the middle, I’m healthy.

Regardless if I’m healthy or not, I still over analyze and over think how I look, who doesn’t. If you said ‘I don’t’ good for you, not all of us are like that sorry. This post is for the people who over think how they look who struggle with weight loss weight gain or simply maintaining your weight.

I’m not going to give you a diet plan, at least not in this post. I’m going to give you a quote that I thought of.

You are Be-You-tiful!

The key word is Y-O-U, you. You are beautiful in your own way, my advice to you is surround yourself with people who appreciate your beauty on the inside and outside. Listen to your family, your friends, significant other, those who love you, not that mirror who doesn’t have anything nice to say about you.

That’s it that’s my advice, I know it’s short and sweet and to the point. The advice is simple because even though your mind over thinks and over analyzes the mindset to get there isn’t complicated. That’s the mindset you should have, it may be difficult to obtain but it works. I will say I still struggle with this mindset personally but I have come far from where I was.

~Nobody’s perfect

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How to Get to Know a Girl

First let me say, this isn’t the only way that you can get to know a girl, let me say that right off the back, but I do believe that this is a pretty decent idea that I came up with on the fly while sharing some of my wisdom.


Take her to the mall.


The place: The Mall

It’s a public place, so usually not too much pressure, and depending on the time of day you can gauge the amount of people that you could encounter at the mall.


It has EVERYTHING, okay not everything, but the mall has a nice mix of stores. The stores in a mall can include, shoe stores, clothing stores, sports stores, lotion stores, jewelry stores, and specialty stores.  These stores do their best to try to cater to all demographics, and in doing so the mall has the ability to show you what your dates likes, IF YOU PAY ATTENTION.


**Keep in mind when you’re walking around with your date pay attention to what she is looking at, what stores she wants to go into.


**When she enters a store pay attention to the items that she looks at, how she reacts, yes I know this is a lot to remember, but trust me a simple trip to the mall can help you learn a lot about the person, I’ll use myself as an example.


What happens if you YOU go to the mall with ME!… and try to get to know me.  


Shoe stores, when walking through a shoe store I’ll stare at the boots,(I love boots) look at the heels, and compliment the wedges. I’ll probably explain to you how wedges are the easiest heels to run in. (I love wedges, I can run in wedges)


Clothing stores,

I’ll gravitate towards the large department stores, usually for the deals, (I’m not a cheapo but I don’t like to spend a ridiculous amount of money)  


I’ll go to the name brand stores for specifics. (If I ever have a certain item in mind I want to buy… hahah that’s funny)


Regardless of which clothing store I enter you’ll notice that I gravitate towards the jeans and t-shirts. (I like being comfortable)

Should I gravitate towards the dresses you’ll hear me comment, “I love that dress, but I’ll never wear it…”  Mostly because I have multiple skirts in my closet that I have yet to wear, fresh off the rack that I’ve worn in the comfort of my home and not anywhere else.


Sports stores, I don’t usually enter… so expensive! If I do I’ll gravitate towards the camping, hiking, canoeing, biking, any outdoor activity just short of golf.


What you can learn: I love the outdoors


Lotion stores, I DO NOT ENTER AT ALL allergies…


What you can learn: You’ll save a boat ton of money not buying any of that ish for me.


Jewelry Stores, I’m not talking the large main chains of jewelry stores, you’re not gonna get engaged right then and there, I’m talking about small ones i.e. Claire’s


Specialty Stores, Hot Topic© or Spencer’s©


Overall you’ll hear me grip about how expensive ish is, and how I don’t like spending a lot a money.

Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays

“Being present, in the present, is a present with no dollar sign.” ~ BeeDapper

“Being present, in the present, is a present with no dollar sign.”  ~BeeDapper

Now a days, look at me sounding like an old timer, we have technology a double edged sword as technology can be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is being connected to your loved ones even when they’re far away. The curse is being connected to your loved ones even when they’re far away.

During the holiday season being connected with your loved ones is great, but even more important is spending time with the loved ones who have come together in one place to enjoy one another’s company. This is not going to be a long holiday post, so here are some tips to remember how I continue to be present, in the present:

Turn your phone on airplane mode: I am the first to admit that I am the type of person that admittedly will look at her phone over and over again waiting for that text message. Putting my phone on airplane mode allows me to look at my phone and recieve messages when I want to receive them. I see airplane mode as a way I can control the communication intake as well as quenching my urge to look at my phone constantly if I know that there is no way that there can be a message due to the airplane mode.

LET YOUR FAR AWAY LOVED ONES KNOW ABOUT AIRPLANE MODE! If you like this option, want to try this option, and/or end up using this option let your loved ones know! Nothing is scarier if the ones who will try to contact you can’t. Letting them know is one way you can limit their possible panicking.

This option although it may not be for everyone, it works for me and I’d thought what works for me should be shared if others are having an issue with technology and family.

My main objective this year is that…

“Being present, in the present, is a present with no dollar sign.”

~ Beth Dapper

Sunday Sentiment

~Silver Linings~

The first Sunday Sentiment, I am feeling that I need to thank the person who inspired me to realize what the Sunday Sentiment should be about, focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

This person is near and dear to my heart, and he shown by example how not just being but focusing on the positives in life can help your overall health and well being. I know that I had been focusing on the positives in my life rather than the negatives, but not in the same way that he does.

We have experienced together, when I start focusing more on the bad than the good, the conversation usually doesn’t begin well or end well. That is not to say that venting to each other is off limits because that’s certainly not the case, the key is not to dwell on the venting of those negative feelings and/or experiences.

He does a brilliant job of this, not saying that he’s perfect, but really who is, all I know is that I still have a long way to go, and that’s the goal of this blog.

Follow me as I do my best, and in turn you do your best to have more than just a positive outlook on life, to feel that positive outlook relax you, give you energy, and decrease the stress that life sometimes puts on all of us.

~ Original Post 11/21/2016 ~