Running for Change, Running for Me

Race day.jpg
My 3rd Brave Heart 5K with one of my biggest supporters! 

It all started when I asked my uncle, who is a part of Team in Training, run in multiple Iron Man Triathlons, and who has been biking for as long as I can remember, if I would be ready to run the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge 1/2 Marathon in April of 2018.

This was back in October 2017, not only did I have support from my uncle, his wife, they offered to run it with me! Since this conversation I have tried my best to get ready. I have run the Brave Heart 5K three times, in memory of a friend who passed away from a heart attack. I have also run the Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler for the first time this year, I’m very proud of myself.